Our Partners


Tulsa Community College


Tulsa Community College educates more than 27,000 students each year. With knowledgeable faculty teaching in state-of-the art facilities on four campuses, programs for students at every stage of life, robust online learning opportunities, and a commitment to affordable excellence, we’re equipped to guide you to personal and professional success.

We are proud to be partnered with Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus and Metro Campus in our package distribution drive. The college provides support with getting packages to students, and providing a safe space in doing so. 


langston university - tulsa campus


Founded in 1897, Langston University is comprised of three campuses located in Langston, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. The Langston campus offers programs such as biology, chemistry, nursing, urban education, international studies, goat research, physical therapy (a doctoral program) and biotechnology.

We are proud to be newly partnered with Langston University - Tulsa Campus in our package distribution drive. We will also be managing a food pantry on campus. The college provides support with getting packages to students, and providing a safe, clean space in doing so. We provide quality food and hygiene products.


Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma


The mission of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is to feed the hungry of eastern Oklahoma through a network of Partner Programs and to engage our communities in ending hunger. We are the largest private hunger-relief organization in eastern Oklahoma.


Surayya Anne Foundation


The foundation focuses on women and children who are:

  • Homeless

  • Faced chronic or long term illnesses

  • Faced separation from families and spouses for whatever reason

  • Were returning to society from incarceration


McLain High School Foundation


McLain High School Foundation, located in the heart of north Tulsa, is an education foundation dedicated to helping the students of Raymond S. McLain High School excel. 


Our Affiliates

Tulsa Food Security Council


Food Policy Councils began as a way to address the food system as a whole, often bringing the weight of local, county or state government behind grassroots initiatives. Food Policy Councils work across sectors, engaging with government policy and programs, grassroots and non-profit projects, local businesses and food workers. Instead of many advocates working on the isolated symptoms of a failing food system, Food Policy Councils work to establish platforms for coordinated action at the local level.



North tulsa community coalition


NTCC is organized for the purpose of engaging the North Tulsa Community and partners in attaining the full health potential for all in the community and works to ensure that no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of their social position or socially determined circumstance. 

NTCC will address the social determinants of health, we get at the root causes of the problem and work to create long term change. NTCC's mission is to strategically address the social factors that impact the lives of north Tulsa Residents to transform, empower, and cultivate sustained growth in the community.